STEP 01 – Identification

Identify CLEVER CITIES project within the city local context

In this first step, before launching the Mapping of stakeholders, Clever Cities partners are asked to create the first alignment on the general objectives of Clever Cities, including the preliminary road-mapping of CALs. This step will help FR Cities to clarify the overall role of Clever Cities within the city strategy and communicate a sound message to all, i.e. citizens and potential stakeholders to be involved in the UIP.


PHASE T2.1 Establish and sustain Urban Innovation Partnerships for stakeholder co-creation and co-design.
LEVEL OF IMPLEMENTATION City scale – Establishing the UIP
WHEN M1 – M6
WHAT TOPIC Identification of the Clever Cities project within the city local context
  • To identify current and future challenges in the city context
  • To envision possible solutions in relation to NBSs opportunities
  • To understand operational technical skills to design the project
  • Report including the identification of Clever Cities Focus and role in the overall city strategy; the content will inform local communication, support stakeholders’ engagement for UIP, platform and CAL set-up activities

► STEP01_Output report template

WHY To establish a sound vision of the Clever Cities project and the alignment of partners at the city scale
WHO Clever Cities Partners of each FR; this first step involves only internal local working team and sporadically, experts and decision making board from public authorities.

1.      Identify the role of Clever Cities within the overall city strategy and vision to implement NBSs Construct the mind map and reframe where Clever Cities project finds its place among the concurrent projects and strategies at the city level. A collaborative activity on a large board involving partners with few but relevant decision makers from the public authorities is suggested.

► Tool 1.1a Framing Clever Cities Board
► Tool 1.1b SWOT Analysis

2.      Agree on a shared and unique Clever Cities Focus, clearly defining: 1. Vision, 2. Mission, 3. Objectives 4. Values Create alignment on the general focus of Clever Cities; even if it might appear assumed, it is important that all the partners achieve here one sound voice, in order to clarify communication and engagement strategies. Recall Clever Cities proposal text and define Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values of the project.

Tool 1.2 Strategyzing and Scoping Activity

3.      Envision possible types and places for NBS interventions on Action Planning Maps A brainstorming activity where local partners discuss definitions and possible taxonomies of NBSs and identify areas of intervention on a city map where these apply, starting from the established CALs, if any.

► Tool 1.3a Action Planning Mapping
► Tool 1.3b Mapping NBSs in Place

4.      Scope the Clever Cities focus on specific sectorial policies framework and planning instruments Having achieved the outcomes 1, 2 and 3, link the Clever Cities scopes and projects to local policies and planning tools. Collect insights (also through interviews) from experts and relevant decision makers of Public Authorities, aiming at improving the effectiveness of Clever Cities solutions.

► Tool 1.4 Expert Interviews

5.      Identification and general framework of local CALs Partners should define the baseline of each CAL, defining the framework and a draft facilitation plan (expected timeline, aims and steps, organization practicalities, project limitations and risk); this will be revised once the CAL stakeholders will be engaged (see STEP 8).

► Tool 1.5 Road-Mapping

Downloads: All materials for Step 1 at a glance

Step_01_Identification ► Tool 1.1a Framing Clever Cities Board
► Tool 1.1b SWOT Analysis
Tool 1.2 Strategyzing and Scoping Activity
► Tool 1.3a Action Planning Mapping
► Tool 1.3b Mapping NBSs in Place
► Tool 1.4 Expert Interviews
► Tool 1.5 Road-Mapping
► STEP01_Output report template


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