Here, You can download the latest documents (last updates – 05 March 2019):

► CoCreation Guidance_Part I

CoCreation Guidance_Part II

NBS CATALOGUE V2 (third version March 2019 – January 2019 – November 2018)

Towards Deliverable 2.1

Co-creation Tools (Steps from 01 to 04).

The Tools Templates for the first 4 steps
► STEP01_Tools_templates
► STEP02_Tools_templates
► STEP03_Tools_templates
► STEP04_Tools_templates

► DELIVERABLE 2.1. Output Report Templates – The reports that collect all outcomes of the steps 1 to 4 (Step 4 is optional and can be delivered later at month 12).

Towards Deliverable 2.2

For Deliverable 2.2 (co-creation plan), please first read Co-Creation planning Part 5-6

Read all Co-creation  tools for Steps05/06 here STEP05-06_Tools

Then download the CAL ID template and the instructions below.

CAL ID_Template

► Steps 5 and 6_CAL ID instructions

D2.2_05-06 steps_Output Report Templates 

Towards Deliverable 2.4 

Co-design phases starts with two steps (Step 07 and Step 08).

Please read the Step 07 description here:  step07_presentation

Read here the general tools instructions STEP07-Tools

Find the templates here:
► STEP07_Tools_templates