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The Co-Creation Guidance_Part I addresses the co-creation pathway and the understanding of co-benefits, as well as stakeholders’ involvement in the co-creation processes. This part addresses the definitions of both the concepts of co-creation and nature-based solutions, the main principles of co-creation and the different principles of implementation, as well as possible challenges.

In particular, the guidance will help you to respond to the following questions:

  • Why a guidance for CLEVER Cities to support Cities in the engagement and co-creation path?
  • How does this guidance work?
  • What is Co-creation? how to do it for CLEVER Cities?
  • What are Nature-based solutions?
  • What is Stakeholders’ engagement?

Moreover, it will also introduce you to the main CLEVER Cities Glossary.

The Co-Creation Guidance_Part II entails a series of steps and a toolkit for the implementation of the co-creation process. Specifically, 16 co-creation steps are envisioned in a complete co-creation pathway to support cities to achieve successful implementation of NBS.

The guidance illustrates the co-creation steps through a series of practical sheets, tools and templates that cities can follow and easily adapt to their needs and specific context. In particular, each step is composed by one or more activities, which are marked as fundamental, recommended or optional.

CLEVER Cities Glossary: 

Urban Innovation Partnership (UIP) is a “city-wide or district-focused informal alliance of local and city authorities, community (groups), businesses, academics to promote the NBS for regeneration or urban transformation, facilitate and drive the co-creation process. More specifically, each UIP supports one or more CLEVER Action Labs (CAL)”.

CLEVER Action Labs (CAL) will co-design, co-implement and co-manage NBS interventions in the deprived districts starting from specific place-based NBS technologies as impulses.

Each UIP supports one or more CLEVER Action Labs (CAL) as alliances of locally involved actors specifically interested or relevant to realize place-based NBS interventions ‘on site’ with one specific CLEVER stimulus.