Establishing the UIP

This is the first co-creation phase between (Month 1 – Month 6). The aim is to provide instructions on how to achieve a successful Urban Innovation Partnership (UIP) at the early stage of Co-creation in CLEVER Cities.
This phase of the Co-Creation pathway envisions 4 steps to be taken accordingly to each city’s resources and scale of implementation.
The first 3 steps are fundamental, while the fourth step is optional and does not have to be included as part of Deliverable 2.1, but can integrate WP4 tasks.
DELIVERABLE 2.1. Output Report Templates

step 01 icon
Identify CLEVER Cities project within the city local context

► STEP 1 Presentation 

► Tool 1.1a Framing Clever Cities Board
► Tool 1.1b SWOT Analysis
Tool 1.2 Strategyzing and Scoping Activity
► Tool 1.3a Action Planning Mapping
► Tool 1.3b Mapping NBS in Place
► Tool 1.4 Expert Interviews
Tool 1.5 Road-Mapping with supporting timeline template tool1.5_timeline (xls)

► STEP01_Tools_templates

step 02 icon
Map and Engage Stakeholders

► Step02_presentation

► Tool 2.1 Identification
Tool 2.2 Analysis
Tool 2.3 Mapping
► Tool 2.4 Prioritisation
► Tool 2.5 Inclusion
Tool 2.6 Monitoring

► STEP02_Tools_templates

step 03 icon
Launch the Urban Innovation Partnership

    STEP 03 
► Step03_presentation

Tool 3.1 UIP Launch Brainstorming Activity
Tool 3.2 Design the Launch
Tool 3.3 Launch Follow-up Evaluation

► STEP03_Tools_templates

step 04 icon
Design the platform according to the local context

STEP 04 
► Step04_presentation

Tool 4.1 Urban Platform Brainstorming
► Tool 4.2 Data Collection Survey
► Tool 4.3 Platform Co-design Workshop

► STEP04_Tools_templates