CAL Co-monitoring (Month 40 – Month 54)

Co-monitoring is essential to CLEVER Cities Project to evaluate the NBS implemented and monitor the durability and quality of the interventions. The UIP, CALs and further residents will contribute to assess the impact of the interventions and success or failure of processes. Local smart urban platforms will be used to collect data to evaluate the implementation progress from a city-wide NBS development perspective.
Co-monitoring and co-managing the NBS in place are the next phase. This phase must be considered as a co-creation activity in all effects because it requires a strong involvement of stakeholders and here is where you measure the success of all the process. A crucial moment of the pathway, indeed, where a strong effort to sustain all the process is required. This step requires original solutions, cohesion and constancy.

13STEP 13 •  Validate NBSs in place





14STEP 14 •  Verify co-benefits of NBSs in place