Co-implementation Planning

CAL Co-implementation of NBS (Month 15 – Month 40)

Co-implementation is working with PEOPLE and partners to put the solution into action; the tangible interventions serve as a ‘test’ environment to make NBS marketable and sustainable.
Co-implementing the solutions means involving people and stakeholders, especially local ones, in the provision and construction of the co-designed solution. Sponsors, suppliers, single citizens might will to contribute to this phase, depending on the possibilities that the construction offers. Feeling to be part of the implementation phase is fundamental in order to initiate the following taking care of the solution in place.


Read this! (FR cities check this D2.3_NEW-Schedule)

Step 11: Co-implement nature-based solutions (guidance to know what is all co-implementation is about)

Use this tool: Tool 11.1 CAL Co-implementation scheme (Core document that has to be read by facilitators + Step 11 instructions on how to get there…)

Template: STEP 11 tools_templates (template to fill-in the Planner + RASCI Matrix_Template)

Deliverable: D.2.3. CAL Co-implementation Specific plan [M15 –step-11-Output report-template]

12Read this!

Step 12: Verify the CAL co-implemented action in place

Use this tool: Tool 12.1 CAL Co-implementation assessment scheme

Tool 12.1: Co-implementation Assessment Scheme Template 

D 2.4 Interventions report analysing the implementation process in [M40] – Step 12 report template (available soon!)