Co-Design Nature-based Solutions in CALs

[Month 13 – Month 36]
This phase is the core activity for the CLEVER Action Labs and refers to the Co-design of the Nature Based Solutions in place. This is the activity that mostly involves UIP, local stakeholders and citizens, hence requires a highly inclusive approach and communication effort. The steps suggested in this phase (Steps 07/08) are Fundamental to each CLEVER Action Laboratory. Co-design involves the collaborative design of urban regeneration interventions – CLEVER Stimuli. Novel smart technologies will be applied in this phase with the aim of improving the overall involvement of citizens in the process. Steps 09/10 are recommended for communication with WP7.

Materials needed to start with the Co-design process at the local level are the following: Before starting organizing activities, read this document: Co-design steps 07-10

►Tools are flexible and can be used in different CALs contexts at different scales.

It is important to define a Local Monitoring Team (LMT) before starting this phase of co-designing with citizens.

► watch co-design Steps 7 and 8 instructions

► Find all needed list of Tools for Step 07/ Step 08 here. (Glimpse here!)

► Please download the output report template of Co-design activities D.2.4_7-10_steps_Output Report Templates

CAL Co-design (Month 12 – Month 36)_Page_3
Launch the CAL at local level

STEP 07 : Launch the CAL at local level

Tool 7.1 CALs Launch Brainstorming Activity Tool 7.2 Define Target Audience Personas Tool 7.2b Conduct Stakeholders’ interviews Tool 7.3 Design the CALs Launch Tool 7.4 CALs Launch Follow-up Evaluation ► STEP 07_Tools_templates 
CAL Co-design (Month 12 – Month 36)_Page_4
Co-Design the Nature-Based Solutions
STEP 08 : Co-Design the Nature-Based Solutions Tool 8.1 CAL Focus Verification Tool 8.2 CAL ToC review  Tool 8.3 CAL Co-Design Jam Tool 8.4 CAL Co-Design Scenarios Board


CAL Co-design (Month 12 – Month 36)_Page_5
Disseminate Co-Design activities

Step 09: Disseminate Co-Design activities

► Tool 9.1  ► Tool 9.2 ► Tool 9.3 
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Co-design and test alternative design scenarios

Step 10: Co-Design and test alternative design scenarios