Co-creation plan and Co-design of solutions in CALs

(Month 7 – Month 12)
This phase is crucial for establishing a sound co-creation plan at the level of the CLEVER Action Laboratory (CAL). The two steps suggested in this phase, namely Step 05 and Step 06, have to be carried out for each CAL, as an activity to be managed internally by the local urban innovation partnership. The objective of this preliminary planning of co-creation activities is to improve the overall involvement of citizens in the process in order to achieve successful projects, implementations and legacy for the envisioned solutions.
Materials needed to start with the co-creation process at the local level are the following:
Before starting organizing activities, read this document: STEP05-06_Tools
D2.2_05-06 steps_Output Report Templates (docx)
CAL ID_Template (docx) with the Tool 1.5_timeline (xls)
► A short presentation of Step 5 and 6: steps 5 and 6 instructions (pptx)

Plan the Co-creation activities and analyse the status quo

STEP 05 

Tool 5.1 Alignment on CAL ID
Tool 5.2 Site Visit
► Tool 5.3 Role Playing as Stakeholders
Tool 5.4 SWOT Analysis
Tool 5.5 Data Profiling

Design the CAL space internally.

STEP 06 

Tool 6.1 CAL ID Focus
► Tool 6.1b Theory of Change Workshop
Tool 6.2 Co-creation Matrix
Tool 6.2b Role Playing as Citizens
Tool 6.3 CAL ID Space
Tool 6.4 Local Data Audit and Monitoring ToC

Theory of Change presentation D4 – Guide to ToC – Workshop slides (pptx)

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